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Born: 1941-02-20

Age: 81

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Changing Woman

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Changing Woman
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Release date: 1975
Type: studio

In collection: CD (2004-02-05)
Average song length: 03:06
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Buffy Sainte-Marie:
Year (1975):
Decade (1970's):



Eagle Man/Changing Woman
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Eagle Man
climbing the skies
Red light of evening
falls like rain
Rainbow's my yarn
The sky is my loom
I will weave sunsets
later on

Snow Woman
Climbing the wind
Blue light of winter
fills her baskets
Oh woh-h Changing Woman
Dance on the weather
Lightning and feathers
mark her trail

Life Lovers
splinting the worlds
Healing the broken
and the lame
Reach out to me
Give me your hands
We close the circuits of time

Angel Ranger
Stay here by me
Guide my transmission
of energy
Oldest religion
simple and clear
Pour out a lesson
into my dream
Can't You See the Way I Love You
no lyrics yet
Love's Got to Breathe and Fly
no lyrics yet
You Take Me Away
no lyrics yet
'Till I See You Again
no lyrics yet
Mongrel Pup
Robots of gloom they come and go
Doní­t let em get you down
Laughter is the grease of growth
support your local clown
Don't ever be afraid to smile
at what you really love
Laughter is the grease of growth. Yeah.

Little boys love the Gypsy woman
who lives down on the beach
They love her flashy Gypsy skirt
and nothing on beneath
They love her ferris wheel legs
her roller coaster eyes
Little boys love the Gypsy woman. Yeah.

Little girls love the nature boy
who lives among the shells
they love to see him body surf
upon their little selves
They love his silky seaweed hair
They love his sunset eyes
Little girls love the nature boy

And Baby is a mongrel pup
Hybrid mutant girl
cross-bred nomad stronghead
and Happy in the big bad world
We are the Space Age Council of
Intertribal Straight Ahead
And maybe youí­re a mongrel pup. Yeah.
The Beauty Way
no lyrics yet
Nobody Will Ever Know It's Real But You
no lyrics yet
All Around the World
Your name is like the wind across the mountains,
your love is like a compass to my heart.
Wherever you go I follow you:
all around the world,
all around the world,
all around the world.

Once I was a singer on the ocean,
once you were a stranger in a dream.
Do you see where your love has taken me?
All around the world,
all around the world,
all around the world.

I'm riding on a snowy-feathered dragon;
ginger blossom's flowing from his mane.
Wherever you lead he'll take me there:
all around the world,
all around the world,
all around the world.
A Man
Sweet and strong the way he loves me
Gentle, Gentle in my heart
I know he can feel
I know that he's real
I know he's a man

Just because he makes me want him
Like I never have before
I'm betting on him
I'm watching him win
All the woman I am

The way he is could heal my every day
Give me with his eyes what diamonds only try to say
And I need his love to help me carry on
To do my little miracles-
Well, love's the fuel I'm flying on

And of all the ways to love a man
I believe the best is this
To feel him beside you
To hold him inside you
And to know he's a man
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